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Autism Advocate, Author, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, Nerd.


   These words all describe J.R. Reed, founder of Purple Chin Media.  If you’re looking for someone personable and down to earth to speak to your group about Asperger’s, how to deal with integrating high functioning autistics at the high school age and above into the workplace or social circles, you’re in the right place!  Need help with relationships between Aspies (those with Asperger’s) and NT’s (Neurotypicals or non-autistics), J.R. has that covered too.


   J.R. has a new book out now, An Asperger’s Guide to Dating Neurotypicals: P.S. It Works For Married Couples Too, available on Amazon & Kindle as well as autographed copies at no extra cost on my author website. and Asperger’s Isn’t Contagious: Helping High School & College Students Include Their Autistic Peers and Asperger’s Is Myt Superpower will be out soon.


   Take a look at the site and when you’re ready to talk, J.R. is here to listen and provide knowledgeable feedback.  He’s available to groups both large and small and would love to share his knowledge with your group.  His goal is to make life better for the high functioning autistic and those who love them.


   If you have questions or comments, please use the Contact form below or send an email to jr@purplechin.com.


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