Coming Mid-May 2018

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“Straight from the heart of an Aspie, this candid primer will likely improve the relationships of anyone dating on the spectrum.”

Dr. Brenda Bradshaw, Founder, Infinity Academy
Author, The Alien Logs of Super Jewels



Change is inescapable. Change is also what we fear most, avoid most, and worry about most. But change is so expected that a part of us inevitably retreats into a shell-shocked corner at the very idea. We may come out only when poked (or if there is food). And we await the next vaunted series of changes with grim suspicion coupled with eagerness for the next and newest smartphone.

Thus, I believe the next revolution is not tech but social. It is a revolution hinged upon social currencyour ability to connect, to relate, and to understand. How well will we fare in this process? Will we remain holed up in our little corners of the internet? Or will we break out, using whatever technologies are at hand, to make a name for ourselves by better communicating and being communicated to?

Will we build community?

JR’s book, An Asperger’s Guide to Dating Neurotypicals, is a brave and effective jump into this new world of improved social communication and currency. If you are an adult on the spectrum, guess what? You are not alone. You are not broken.  And you can be understood and loved. Read this book. Then give it to your partner.

If you are a neurotypical, read this book. JR’s real-world writing and personal understanding of autism will open your eyes to the journey that “Aspies” make every day in navigating a world curated by neurotypicals whose brains function much differently than those who are on the spectrum.

No matter how our brains are hardwired, change is hard. Being understood and understanding others? That’s what makes this world a little better. And warmer. And more fulfilling.

Joshua Heston, editor-in-chieftain,