Not Weird, Just Autistic

The story of J.R. growing up off the spectrum, how he dealt with the ridicule and hurt and finally the diagnosis and what that meant.


An Asperger’s Guide to Dating

Whether it’s a fellow Aspie or an NT (neurotypical) the principles of communication, respect, understanding, and honesty that are crucial in a non-Asperger’s relationship are extremely important in one where a partner is on the spectrum.  We’ll discuss how to make things flow smoothly and offer tips, plus take questions.


Dating in the High School & College Years

Similar to the previous talk, but taken down to the level of a high school or college relationship.  We focus on girls having respect for themselves and boys knowing what lines to not cross and how to treat a woman with respect.


Asperger’s Isn’t Contagious

This will be tailored to the audience but will show what traits Aspies tend to have and why NT’s shouldn’t be scared of us.  We’ll also discuss how to integrate the person(s) with Asperger’s into your social circle or work environment and how to make them feel welcome and accepted.